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Brittany Starling - Registered Holistic Nutritionist

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Diploma in Applied Holistic Nutrition –

The Institute of Holistic Nutrition, graduated with honours in 2015

Notable Additional Training:

Permaculture Design and Resilient Ecosystems Certificate – Pacific Rim College

Certificate in Therapeutic Supplementation in Clinical Practice (IHN)

Certificate in Naturally Designed Pregnancy + Early Childhood Nutrition (IHN)

Understanding and Integrating Trauma – Course with Dr. Gabor Maté
Post-COVID Syndrome – Course with Dr. Anderson, Anderson Medical Group

About Brittany:

Brit is a Holistic Nutritionist, herb nerd and fungi fanatic who believes that the path to vibrant health, like laughter, starts in our bellies.

Her passion for nutrition was born from the profound impact that food made on her own life and healing journey. After years of unconscious consumption of processed foods, she developed a host of nutritional deficiencies that lead to periods of debilitating depression, hormonal imbalances and impaired gut health.

It is those personal experiences that contribute to Brit’s infinite well of empathy and understanding and what fuels her to share her knowledge of nutrition to support her clients to go “beyond the bandaid” and get to the root cause.

Brit’s education-centered approach means that she takes the time to ensure her clients understand the recommendations she is making. She uses food to improve physiology, creating personalized nutrition and lifestyle protocols, and helps clients to overcome any limiting beliefs preventing them from experiencing their inner and outer radiance.

In addition to nutrition, food sovereignty and regenerative agriculture are other areas of focus for Brit. Through education and hands-on workshops, she empowers others to grow their own food in an accessible way – whether that’s on a windowsill, in a community garden or their own backyard!

When she isn’t working with clients, Brit spends her time adventuring in the forest and on the beach with her pup Louie, rescuing “ugly” produce at the farmer’s market and hanging out with her 4 backyard chickens.

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